Help Kim becoming Dutch wakeboarding champion!

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My name is Kim, a dutch wakeboard athlete. Since 2016 I started with wakeboarding abroad. Since then it became a huge part of my life as I also help other wakeboarders with my knowledge in this sports who are stuck in these wakeboarding aspects..

But my own sports goal as athlete?; To win the Dutch National Championship 2023! Of course this is only the first step of becoming World Champion :) Because this means I can help the other wakeboarders even more on this road!

It's a big investment that I put in myself for this to train really hard and to learn the best tricks, but as it becomes more harder...I can use some extra help with investing in my trainings for the road to the Dutch Nationals. Sharing this will also help a lot to find the right sponsors to work with me :) On my socials you can find more info and videos of my wakeboard trainings.