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Why SportsLink?

Information and communication in and around sport was always fragmented and insufficiently accessible. There was a lack of a central platform where athletes, experts and companies in the sports world can profile themselves and easily find each other. And that while these target groups need each other to grow in their sporting ambitions. SportsLink is the online platform that connects them. From top athlete to amateur athlete, from experienced strength trainer to starting physiotherapist and from a renowned company to new business; SportsLink makes it possible for them to profile themselves, to share knowledge with each other and to start partnerships.

How do I sign up?

Go to and click Sign Up. Enter your email address and your password. Click Sign Up. You must confirm your email address to complete your account creation. If you're having trouble creating your account, here's what you can do:

You can notify us of a problem by emailing [email protected]

After signing up, you will go through the onboarding process. Here we ask you for additional information about yourself or the company.

What are the benefits of a Premium account?

A premium account provides an officially verified (business) profile. This allows other users to see that your account has been verified by SportsLink.

In addition, it offers unlimited access to Direct Messages to all users.

You can also see all profile visitors and recommendations. You have unlimited access to all available Analytics. Without a Premium account, the Analytics options are limited.

How does the SportsLink feed work?

The SportsLink feed works chronologically and the newest posts appear first. These are based on your connections and the interests you have added. As you become more active in the platform, the algorithm will also show you other content.

What is the added value for an athlete on SportsLink?

Talented athletes need sponsors to be able to invest in resources that take them further in their sports. But because they are not easy to find online, they miss out on commercial opportunities. On SportsLink you can easily create your own profile, share unique content and position yourself in the sports industry.

Are you looking for more information to further develop yourself in your sport? You can also visit SportsLink for this! On the platform you will find experts (physiotherapists, nutritionists, strength trainers, etc.) who share their knowledge via blogs. Follow their profiles, but also those of other athletes, get in touch with them and increase your knowledge and network in the sport!

What is the added value for a company on SportsLink?

Via SportsLink you bring your product(s) or service(s) to the attention of all athletes, experts and companies on the platform, which are all potential customers. How does that work? From a verified company profile you can easily share knowledge articles, photos and videos and place your product(s) or service(s) in our webshop. This is how your brand presents itself in a unique way in the sports industry.

In addition, you get access to direct messages to get in touch with other users for possible partnerships. More and more companies are binding themselves to an athlete in order to market their product or service, to increase brand awareness or to positively influence their image. SportsLink is the platform on which these collaborations are facilitated.

What is the added value for an expert on SportsLink?

A physiotherapist, nutritionist or strength trainer; SportsLink is the platform where they can share their expertise with the sports world. Help, inspire and enthuse a large number of athletes with interesting posts such as blogs or videos and show that you are an expert in your field.

The potential benefits: you expand your client base or create connections with companies or other experts. In addition, as a knowledge-driven platform, SportsLink is also suitable for colleagues to learn from each other and thus grow together.